I Want to LEAD

In everything that I do.
Can there be a Masterstroke towards training me for this?



I Want to THINK

Like a GENIUS.

Where to start from?

  • John Doe

    Martin Gardner

    (21 October 1914 - 22 May 2010)

    Solving puzzles inculcates problem-solving skills which have real life implications. From helping to win simple games like tic tac toe (in which just the second turn decides the victor), to designing algorithms, apps and be a better professional in general.

    Why Puzzles?
    It had been said that behind every magic trick there is some logic. It’s amusing that any act which challenges human mind is generally termed as magic. The puzzles club is dedicated to Martin Gartner, who teaches people to be critical. He is often cited as having defended the honour of the human mind.
    This Online Puzzles Club has been created with the intent to help students develop a logical bent of mind & algorithmic thinking and connect those who have keen interest in solving tricky puzzles, including teachers and students.

Age Appropriate Puzzles

There is no strict age bar when it comes to solving puzzles but a soft bar is proposed by the challenge level of the puzzle due to the specific skills required. The proposed segments of students to try out the puzzles are:


Suggested for Class I to III
(Age 5 to 8 Years)


Suggested for Class IV to VI
(Age 9 to 11 Years)


Suggested for Class VII to IX
(Age 12 to 14 Years)


Suggested for Class X to XII
(Age 15 Years and up)

Skill Development

When encountering a new challenge with a set of restrictions, one needs to first define one’s goals, analyse the situation at hand and devise a strategy within the set restrictions or think of how to manipulate them, to achieve the defined objectives. By repeatedly solving puzzles one learns to think in a way that makes & keeps your brain functionally alert which is helpful in all walks of life.

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Cognitive skills


Problem Solving Ability


Physical skills


Strategic Thinking


Emotional skills


Intelligence Quotient


How is Solving Puzzles related to development of Thinking Skills

Puzzles Club
DPS Vasant-Kunj



Any one above the Age of 5 years can participate in the Contest. The Category in which the can participate is base on their Age

Weekly Contest

  • 2-3 Puzzles in 30 minutes
  • Review of individual answers
  • Designed to keep you Sharper

Online Contest

  • There will be weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual online competitions
  • Details Coming soon

Mega Annual Competition

  • One mega-event to invite students
  • To compete with each other
  • As school teams or as individuals

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